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Add On Only - The Ocean Ride Medal

    Add On Only - The Ocean Ride Medal

    RM 25.00

      Extra RM2 donation to Shark Savers Malaysia for every add on!

      Join the "The Ocean Ride 2023" event, a movement that creates awareness and protects our oceans. As ocean lovers, we partner with Shark Savers Malaysia to make a meaningful impact on marine life and habitats.

      Our oceans are facing challenges, and sharks play a critical role in maintaining marine ecosystems. By cycling and participating, we raise awareness about shark conservation and the need to protect our oceans from pollution and other threats.

      🚴‍♂️🌊 Let's Ride & Protect Our Oceans, TOGETHER!

      • Registration: NOW - 30/09/2023
      • Cycling starts: 01/10/2023 - 31/10/2023
      • Challenge: 50KM
      • Location: Anyplace
      • Result submission deadline: 31/10/2023
      • Gift pack shipment starts from: 15/11/2023.

      Rewards Kit Including:

      • 1 X The Ocean Ride Finisher Medal
      • RM 2 Donation to Shark Savers Malaysia

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