User Guide


 01. How to log in or register:

[A] Option 1: Click login/register, and fill in the necessary info.
       Option 2: Sign up with your Facebook account.
[B] If you already have a UVR ID, click “activate your account”. An activation link will be sent to your email.



02. How to join a race:

A] Click “RACE” at the top menu bar.
[B] You will see the next available race inside the “New Race” section. Click “Join Now” at the particular race you want to join.  



03. How to make payments using online bank transfer or cash deposit:

[A] Select “Offline Payment” on the payment method section and click “Join Now”.



04. Where to checkout:
[A] Click “Item[s]” to show the cart and checkout.  



05. Payment info for online bank transfer/cash deposit:

[A]  Please make your payment to:
      Bank: MAYBANK
A/C No.: 501543126555
[B] Save a copy of your receipt
[C] Send your name/your UVR ID and your receipt to 012-2431706 (Whatsapp), or email them to



06. How to cancel your order, or to cancel the re-order 

[A] Go to “MY ORDERS”. All orders will be shown here.
[B] If you already paid for one race, the system will then change the order status to “cancel” after just a few days.



07. How to view your profile 

[A] Click your name as it shows on the top of the website.
[B] Your UVR ID will show up on the bottom panel. 



08. How to view the race you have entered

[A] You will find your race at My RACE”. Click “VIEW” to see your race details.
[B] Your UVR ID will show up on the bottom panel. 
[C] Shipment's tracking number will be updated when your rewards kit is being sent out. You can view your Tracking number here.



09. How to submit your results 

A] Option 1: Login and go to your profile, below your dashboard you will see the race that you enter, click “SUBMIT RESULT” and it will bring you to the results submitting page.
       Option 2: Go to “Race” at the top of the menu bar, search for “CURRENT RACE” and click “VIEW, you will see the “SUBMIT YOUR RESULT” beside the “RACE DETAIL”.
[B] Click “UPLOAD YOUR RESULT and select your run screenshot. You may upload as many times as you wanted.
[C] Remember to click “SUBMIT MY RESULTS” after you have uploaded all your results.



10. How to change an incorrect result 

[A] Click Delete” at the result you wish to change.
[B] Remember to save changes before you leave.



If you already have UVR ID, please click here.

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Please enter the registered email address, a link to reset password will be send to the email account registered with system.

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