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UVR is a journey and a constant quest to make running the best it can be, and a big part of enjoying running is wearing comfortable and breathable clothes while doing so.
From the very beginning, we knew we wanted to provide our runners with a seamless T-shirt to maximise the pleasure of their run. However, finding a manufacturer capable of making a quality seamless T-shirt was hard, so we travelled to factories far and wide, experimenting with a wide variety of materials and design styles, before finally discovering the perfect shirt for you!
We are proud to announce that from now onwards all UVR participants will receive this unique 100% imported seamless T-shirt whenever they sign up for one of our events!



Fashion Meets Function

By keeping an eye on the smallest details, we can make a world of difference. From the fundamentals of cut, colour and cloth, our aim is to inspire clothing that elevates running to a whole new level of enjoyment.


Each UVR seamless T-shirt features:







A breathable T-shirt with an inbuilt ventilation system, allowing for maximum air flow with enhanced air circulation in selected areas.









Moisture Wicking Fabric

Pulls moisture away, helping you stay focused and feel light during exercising.








Max Stretch in 4-way

Allows full stretchability in all directions for enhanced performance in all sports.








Ultra Dry

Your T-shirt dries fast so that you can stay dry and cool always.









Anti-odour Technology

Eliminates unpleasant odours so you can stay confident at all times.






AIRSOLUTE T-shirt Size Chart





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